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Dhelmar leans heavily onto the door of Blackstone Keep, pushing it open.  The door slowly gives way giving a grudging creak as it does.  As he peers inside, the bright sun shines over his back casting a long shadow inside the entryway.

Brushing aside the cobwebs, he enters.  Dhelmar locates a candle and lights it so a glow is bouncing off the walls.  Looking the keep over, he smiles to himself.  "This will take a lot of work, but it'll be well worth it.  It's good to be home again."

Blackstone is a neutrally aligned casual roleplaying guild.  All classes and races are welcome to join.  Veteran and new roleplayers will find a home here.  Experience Vanguard as your character.

"Members may come and go, but the doors will
always remain open."
Guild News    

The End of Telon

Dhelmar, Jan 27, 14 9:00 PM.
The world of Telon will cease to exist and on July 1st of 2014 we'll celebrate our remaining hours in this world.  SOE has announced that Vanguard is no longer worth the effort to maintain.

Since Blackstone was formed we have fought ups and downs of membership.  One thing I promised from the beginning was
"Members may come and go, but the doors will always remain open." Too often guilds will form with good intent but due to lack of member's participation they close.  The doors of Blackstone have remained open since it was formed on 08/12/12 as was promised.  The doors will continue to remain open until the end.

As a small roleplaying guild, our biggest achievement was building a guild hall.  With so few members we ended up relying on the assistance of those outside and on 09/07/13 we finally had our keep.  It was then that I realized what extent the support of the Vanguard community went.

Vanguard was a game full of promise.  The lure of what could have been and what was.  True, it had its faults with a plethora of bugs, but there is no game out there that compares to this.  Where else can you build your own boats and sail the seas?  Where else can you ride endlessly on your horse exploring new lands or soaring the skies for a different view?  Even the fishing was good!  Don't forget Diplomacy!  Diplomacy was a whole new game and a good enjoyable way to learn the lore.

This is a disappointment with the end coming, but not totally unexpected.  While I believe the developers were working hard on it, there's only so much one can do with limited staffing.  The dedication from SOE was lacking and from a financial standpoint it probably makes sense not to put more funds into this game.  However, had there been a better launch and support over the years, I have no doubt this would have been a game that would be here for years to come.

Blackstone was in the process of starting a recruitment campaign as well as starting to run roleplaying events when the announcement was made.  I am interested in running the 1st of the events and we are decided on running the others.

To all the Blackstone members, I want to thank you for being part of the guild.  I know some of you have found other things to do or didn't have time to play here, but for the time you did it made having the guild worthwhile.  Blackstone will remain open and anyone that wants to roleplay or visit is more than welcome to join in our final adventures.

~Dhelmar Daeda
Leader of Blackstone

***** Blackstone Keep Opens *****

Dhelmar, Sep 11, 13 8:53 PM.

It was a test for Blackstone and on 09/07/13 the cornerstone was put in place to finish Blackstone Keep!  The first part of the test was passed and now the second part begins. 

There was a grand showing of support from the community at the opening.  Old friends were there and new friendships were formed.  Slappy made several appearances and someone brought drinks.  Numerous gifts were given to Blackstone to start decorating the keep.  Already the main hall is cluttered with furniture and it will not be long before the keep starts to looks like home.

((Now that the keep is finished we’ll be starting our roleplaying events, so keep watch for what’s coming.  There is one that’s planned and we’re just polishing off the details on it.  It looks to be an event full of fun and mystery which will involve The Preferiti.  Sorry, no more details to be revealed yet!)) 

~Dhelmar Daeda
Leader of Blackstone

Blackstone Keep Grand Opening

Dhelmar, Aug 31, 13 7:35 PM.
After many many months of hard work, Blackstone Keep is ready for the Grand Opening.

Date: 09/07/13
Time: 6:00p CST (7p EST)
Where: Isle of Martin (Thestra) - Southwest corner

The cornerstone will be placed in the hall the day of the opening.  You will not be able to recall to the keep until the stone is placed.

This is a proud moment for Blackstone Keep.  We were able to accomplish this task even though we're a small band of adventurers.  Do your best to honor Blackstone and try to attend.

~Dhelmar Daeda
Leader of Blackstone

Guild Hall Progress

Dhelmar, Aug 27, 13 11:27 PM.
Our labors are nearly over! Blackstone Keep is 90% completed.  We are in need of 1000 granite to finish making 600 granite tiles and 600 granite stone.  Our new home is on the horizon and the anticipation is in the air.  Our tentative Grand Opening is set for 09/07/13 at 6p CST (7p EST).  Once the granite is harvested then the date will be confirmed.

Guild Hall Progress

Dhelmar, Aug 14, 13 11:45 PM.
Blackstone's Keep is at 77% completion!  We are tentatively planning on celebrating the completion on the weekend of 09/07/13.  More details on the date and time to be announced soon!

As of this date we are need of 5,400 granite slabs.
  • 1200 Large Granite Stones (2 slabs each)
  • 1600 Granite Floor Tile (1 slab each)
  • 75 Granite Columns (20 slabs each)
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